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Welcome To Elinavara Sodashi
Our dreamy scents are inspired by nature and travel, moments and memories.
We hand-pour our candles in our Olars shop using sustainable soy wax and
phthalate-free perfume oils infused with essential oils.
Create your own guide to St James’s
We’ll take your interests and turn them into an itinerary. Or if you’re short on time view one of our guides on the right, where we’ve hand-picked some of the best spots in St James’s in our featured guides. So whether you’re after the best brunch in town or an evening of cocktails in the bar that inspired Bond’s famous catchphrase “shaken not stirred”, these guides will lead the way.
Our Range of Custom Gifts
  • Engraved Wooden Cutting Board:
    Personalized with intricate designs, names, or special messages.
  • Custom Wooden Coasters:
    Featuring personalized engravings, monograms, or designs.
  • Wooden Picture Frame:
    Handcrafted and engraved with meaningful dates or quotes.
  • Personalized Wooden Key Holder:
    Organize keys with a unique and functional gift.
  • Custom Wooden Puzzle:
    Turn a cherished photo into a wooden puzzle for a unique twist.
  • Engraved Wooden Wine Box:
    Perfect for gifting wine along with a heartfelt message.
  • Wooden Jewelry Box:
    Crafted to store jewelry while adding an elegant touch.
  • Personalized Wooden Plant Stand:
    Showcase plants with a custom-made plant stand.
  • Wooden Phone Stand:
    Keep devices easily accessible with a personalized stand.
  • Engraved Wooden Bookmark:
    Combine functionality with personalization for book lovers.
  • Custom Wooden Desk Organizer:
    Help keep a workspace tidy with a customized organizer.
  • Wooden Clock:
    Handmade timepieces featuring unique designs and engravings.
  • Personalized Wooden Coatrack:
    Functional and decorative, perfect for entryways.
  • Custom Wooden Laptop Stand:
    Enhance comfort while working with a personalized stand.
  • Engraved Wooden Candle Holders:
    Create a cozy atmosphere with customized holders.
  • Wooden Tablet Holder:
    Hands-free tablet use with a stylish and functional holder.
  • Personalized Wooden Nameplate:
    Add a personal touch to doors, desks, or workspaces.
  • Custom Wooden Photo Album:
    Preserve memories with a handcrafted photo album.
  • Wooden Wine Rack:
    Display wine bottles uniquely with a customized rack.
  • Engraved Wooden Cheese Board:
    Elegant boards for serving with a personal touch.
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