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Month: June 2021

5 p's of job search or job hunting

The 5 P’s of Job Search

Instead of applying to any job you come across through your job search, concentrate on companies you like with vacancies. The more suited you are to the company, the higher your chances of the hiring manager contacting you. List your preferred companies. Explore their specialities, competitors and objectives. This will equip you with the information you require to make an impression on the recruiter.

How To Be The Best Version Of Yourself At Work In 2021?

How to be the Best Version of Yourself at Work In 2021

According to research, 97% of people can recognize a habit that’s a setback for them at work. But managers remarked that only a mere 10% of the workforce worked to improve this habit after a performance review. Numerous people are acutely aware of their weaknesses. However, they don’t remedy behaviours that continue to hinder them.

Signs of bullying at the workplace and how to deal with it.

7 Signs of Bullying At The Workplace & How To Deal With It

Here the article doesn’t cover the harassment at the workplaces as sexually, non-sexually or mentally. We are going to talk about the bullying that happens in many of the workplaces and not considered harassment by the laws. These things happen and no one talks about them or takes them seriously in the workplace.

Here's What To Do When Your Salary Is Not Paid On Time?

Here’s What To Do When Your Salary Is Not Paid On Time?

Many employees might have many questions such as what to do when salary is not paid? , what to do when salary is not paid on time? You may have thought of ideas such as not going to work or delaying the pending work but this won’t work for you. Your employer can take actions towards your unfamiliar behaviour. You should act legally and take your steps in a formal way.