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5 Highest Paying Jobs in India

The way the employment market works in India has undergone a radical change. Now, gone are the days when the only stable professions like doctor, engineer, or working for the government was considered “best paying”. Although these opportunities are still relevant and respected today, there are many more opportunities that have revolutionized the job market in India. We at Panorama India Consultancy, Haldwani are going to list the 5 Highest Paying Jobs in India that are quite trending among the youngsters.

Most students are confused about their careers and frankly, money is a great motivator and can help them make their decisions. Knowing the highest-paid jobs in India will definitely help them make sure they decide on their career advancement. 

Data Scientist

An entry-level Certified Data Scientist earns up to 4 lakhs to 12 lakhs rupees per annum. The salary keeps increasing with the experience. There is no fixed qualification required but being certified as a Data Scientist and having a basic knowledge of programming languages such as Python, SQL, will only benefit you. 

Digital Marketing

The ways of communication and marketing have changed drastically with the growing popularity of digital marketing in India. Digital marketing is a type of marketing effort that uses the internet and other means of digital communication such as email, social media, text, and web-based advertising. Also, there are various roles for people searching for jobs like SEO specialists, content writers, social media managers, brand marketing managers, etc. 

One does not need any specialized degree for making a career in this field, but having a bachelor’s or master’s degree in mass communication, marketing, or PR will have an added advantage. An entry-level professional in digital marketing can earn around 3 to 6 lakh per annum. More experienced professionals can easily earn around 10 to 15 lakh per annum. There are many online certificate courses available for digital marketing, which can be useful in upgrading your skills.

Medical Professionals

A Medical Profession is seen as something to be proud of and commands immense respect, which is also a necessity. Becoming a doctor, surgeon or any other medical professional is not at all easy, but the fruits are worth the hard work. Doctors are the backbones of our society and seeing the current pandemic they played a major role in saving the lives of the Covid-19 patients.

To become a medical professional, one needs to study a lot. A degree in MBBS is necessary to enter this field. Further to get specialization one can opt for MD or MS. The average salary of a medical professional is around 5 to 10 lakhs and can go up to 25 lakhs making it one of the highest-paid professions.

Machine Learning Experts

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the two words that have been gaining immense popularity. These experts help companies make data-driven decisions and set them up for greater success. This job profile is very much in demand today and will be in the coming future. 

To get into this field a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, artificial intelligence, or other related fields is essential. Also, there are many certification courses available to give you an extra edge on your skills. The starting salary in this field is around 5 to 8 lakhs per annum. Professionals having more than a decade of experience can easily get around 20 lakh per annum.

Blockchain Developers

Blockchain technology is another term that is gaining popularity in the IT sector. It is a digital record of transactions that records transactions made with cryptocurrencies. As this is a new field in India, so Blockchain developers are highly in demand in India. It is one of the 5 Highest Paying Jobs In India.

In this field, preference is for the ones who are graduates in B.E/B.Tech in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics. Also, the applicants should have knowledge of Ripple, R3, bitcoin, and Ethereum technologies. The entry-level salary of Blockchain Developers is around 3 to 6 lakhs per annum.


The above-mentioned job profiles are the Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs in India today. But these are not only the ones. There are many other high-profile jobs available like Commercial pilots, executive chefs, architects, civil servants, full-stack developers, product managers, aeronautical engineers, and web developers. They all enjoy highly lucrative salaries as well. 

What are your opinions on the highest-paying jobs in India? Which of these job profiles do you find most interesting? If you are having a problem landing a job, we at Panorama India Consultancy, Haldwani are here to help. We are one of the best consultancy agencies in Haldwani, Uttarakhand. You can visit our website and contact us for further information.