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5 Inspiring Books no Leader Should Miss

Reading the right book can work wonders and open a whole new world of possibilities and thought-provoking ideas. Reading has many benefits, and it is one of the best ways to gain wisdom. To have leadership qualities, it is essential to get inspiration. To get inspiration, what’s better than a book? You don’t need to get it by reading about other leaders who have achieved a lot in their lives. Any story, be it fictional or mythological, can inspire you and provide you with basic knowledge and information. We have listed out 5 Inspiring Books no leader should miss.

It is vital to read inspiring books that make you think about yourself and bring a chance to be an outstanding leader. Always look for good context that helps you understand the world and how it changes day by day. An exciting book is like a guide that can transform you within days. To fulfill your dreams of becoming a leader, you need to have wisdom, inspiration, and motivation altogether. No matter what your age, reading helps you throughout your life. 

“Good to Great” by Jim Collins

Like many of you, Jim Collins must have heard one of the greatest business authors and researchers who have written many inspiring books. Among many of his other good books, we recommend you first start with Good to Great. This book is outstanding for leaders all around the world. In this book, you will learn many things about the leaders of the companies. One crucial thing he covers in this book is that companies don’t need selfish CEOs to achieve greatness. You will love reading this book, and it will help you generate ideas to work on your leadership qualities.

“Getting Things Done” by David Allen

The next book on our list of 5 Inspiring Books that no leader should miss is ‘Getting Things Done. Two qualities that are very important for leaders are Self-management and organization. You will think that you will have assistants and employees to do your work once you are successful. That is correct, but they cannot help you if you do not provide direction on what you want.

Getting Things Done by David Allen is a classic book on an organization that focuses on the comprehensive systems to organize your life and always know your priorities. Well, what is the point if you get distracted with your email inbox? You should know who is more critical else; you won’t have the capacity to develop your audience. The book is written in a straightforward language that has an excellent flow. You will enjoy reading every part of the book and at the same time get inspired too.

“Washington: A Life” by Ron Chernow

“Washington: A Life” is a biography written by Ron Chernow. It is among the best biographies we have read, and it contains around 800-pages of inspiration. You all must be thinking that’s a lot to read, but it is worth it. Else we wouldn’t list it in our top 5. To become a leader, people often look up to another leader – A role model. They study about them and try to follow in their footsteps. Sir George Washington was the first president of America, and he studied about and followed Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar. 

Not only was he America’s first president, but he was also a central leader during the Revolutionary War. We will never forget George Washington as one of the most outstanding leaders in the history of the world. Yet, you will be surprised to know that Washington often avoided taking leadership roles because he was concerned that his people would start thinking of him as a dictator or a wanna-be king. 

In this book, you will learn about the life of Washington and how he dealt with the war and became America’s first president.

“Mastery” by Robert Greene

“Mastery” by Robert Greene is a must-read book for aspiring leaders. It teaches you about Leadership and power that come in many forms. In this book, Robert Greene explains how to become a master in a given field. In addition, the book provides essential tips to master leadership qualities and that from a variety of approaches.

The writer strongly encourages aspiring leaders to train under masters who can teach them new skills and accelerate their growth. So, again, we will recommend you to read this book, whether you seek to achieve excellence in art, technology, business, or any other field.

“Developing The Leader Within You” by John C. Maxwell

John C. Maxwell is one of the top names if we talk about the experts in the topic of Leadership. “Developing the Leader Within You” by Jhon. C. Maxwell is the last book on our list of 5 Inspiring Books no leader should miss. But why should you read this book?

Maxwell has pointed out many points, and one such is that leadership ability starts with character and skills. Also, he states that problem-solving is one the quickest way to gain Leadership. The book has been organized very interestingly, with thought-provoking comments and workbook-style sections to help you put the ideas into action.

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.” – John C. Maxwell.


If you are looking for something to get inspired, you should read these 5 Inspiring Books Every Leader Should Not Miss. All the five books stated above are very informative and cover the significant point on Becoming a leader? We at Panorama India Consultancy think this article would have helped find you the books you were craving. If you want to read more such interesting blogs, head over to our blog section.