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6 Best Jobs for Women in India

Women have been shining and progressing in almost every field. They are unstoppable and are excelling in everything they do. But many times, it happens that they have to choose their career regardless of not being interested in it. Women in their early-stage careers face these problems because they are not guided properly about what sector they should choose and hence lack information. Not only women but it also becomes the case with all genders. Panorama India Consultancy, Haldwani presents you with ‘6 Best Jobs for Women in India’. All the jobs mentioned are some of the highest paying jobs that are highly suitable for women. Some of these job profiles prefer female candidates which creates more job opportunities for them. Panorama India Consultancy is one of the best hiring agencies in Haldwani that is working for the upliftment of the students and finding them the right kind of opportunities. Below are the ‘8 Best Jobs for Women in India’ 

  • Teacher

Teaching is one such noble profession that is best suited for women due to their affectionate, caring, and observant nature. Teaching is a profession that helps in shaping many young minds and this job profile can be very rewarding also. As the Indian education system is growing rapidly it has created many job opportunities in the last few years. One can easily become a teacher if they have a bachelor’s degree in education or any other higher degrees in the respective subjects. Teaching has many levels such as school teachers, college professors, Administrators, Principles, etc., and all of them demand different educational qualifications accordingly. The city of Haldwani is also known for its good schooling and the best education provided by the schools, and similar is the case with the requirement of good teaching staff. Panorama India Consultancy helps motivated applicants with good teaching aptitude to land their dream job and keeps regular updates regarding all vacancies both present and in the coming future. Applicants should keep in touch with our team to grab the best opportunities. Among the 6 Best Jobs for Women in India, we strongly suggest women pursue their careers if they have the slightest interest in teaching. We have already created goodwill by winning and settling many hearts for which it rapidly became the Best Hiring Agencies in Haldwani.

  • Human Resource

Human resources are one of the most important profiles in a corporate sector. There is a lot of scope in this field as HR. Human resource main tasks include screening the profiles of the candidates, conduct interviews, and post job openings on various job portals, hiring new talents, and training them. There are many other functions that an HR manager is responsible for such as deciding payrolls, benefits, perks, leave structures. Basically, HR is responsible for managing the office according to the laws and regulations. There is a huge demand for Human Resource managers and it is one of the best professions for women in India. To make a start in this career you can opt for MBA or PGDM in HR management that is offered by many colleges and universities.

  • Nurse

The nurse is a profession that has always been associated with females just because of their caregiving nature. Nursing is one of the best-preferred jobs for women that includes taking care of patients and keeping track of their health improvements. To apply for this job, you need a national and state certificate and a degree in MBA. Nurses have been called the frontline warriors in the times of corona. The world came to know about the importance of nurses as they served with full honesty and dedication that helped save so many lives.

  • Career Counsellor

Career Counselling is another preferred job for women. A career counselor guides students to choose the right career path and help them succeed in their life. This is a very fulfilling job which brings quite a satisfaction when a student succeeds with your help. The main job of a career counselor is to observe the student’s qualities, personality, traits, aptitudes, and interests after which they decide and help the students what they should achieve. To be a career counselor you need to do a Master’s in Phycology. There are many NGOs that require counselors for their social causes. Nowadays, in schools, they require Career Counsellors for their students and if you don’t want to join an organization you could always start your own practice.  

  • Beautician

There is a high demand for beauticians in India as our country is the second-largest consumer of beauty products in the world. There is a huge competition in this sector so if you want to be an expert beautician you need to do some professional courses related to it. You can establish yourself as a beautician by providing great quality products and services to customers. 

  • Dietician

A dietician is another field that is gaining popularity day by day. As people are becoming more fitness freaks, the importance of dieticians has grown. You can choose various different areas such as Nutrition, Fitness, Sports, Yoga, and Dietetics. It has become a very high demanding job as it is slowly becoming a part of everyone’s lifestyle. To pursue a career as a dietician you should have a Bachelors’ or Master’s degree in Dietetics. 


These were the ‘6 Best Jobs for Women and Girls in India’ that we shortlisted among other options available locally. We chose these jobs because of the safe work environment and the preferability of the women gender in some of the jobs. We at Panorama India Consultancy, Haldwani have helped many women choose their right career path. So, if you are looking for consultation regarding your career, we are one of the best hiring agencies in Haldwani. You can head on to our website to know more about us.