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6 Things to Keep in Mind Before Signing a Job Contract

An Important Read | 6 Things Before Signing a Job contract | Best Job Consultancy in Haldwani

As the times have changed and the world is changing at a faster pace the number of employment sectors has increased, thus generating a variety of job opportunities. Things have turned from the perspective of the past generations, where seeking any job used to be the priority. Nowadays, people are aware of the career path they are choosing and they are clear as to what to expect from a job. Job seekers should ask questions from their employers just to know about the perspective of the company and to know whether you will be considered as a valued employee by the company.

Panorama India Consultancy is one of the best job consultancies in Haldwani that offers career counseling to job seekers. If you have recently got a new job offer, here are the 5 things you need to keep in mind before signing the contract. Also, If you are currently looking for a job then you should head to this article ‘How To Sound Like A Pro In Telephonic Interviews’  which you might find helpful. In this article, we present you with the 6 Things Before Signing a Job contract.

Job Title and responsibilities

This is important to know as your job title will tell you what your responsibilities would be in that company. You will get an idea of what you would do and what you would rather not. Check for the designation you applied for and see whether it matches your job profile. Ask about the work culture and the workload and how many members will be there in your team. The motive behind asking all these questions is you should work in a positive environment where you are comfortable with the work pressure. 

Place of work

Always ask for the place of work and where you will be commuting in-office hours. Sometimes the job designation has a lot of fieldwork and you will have to go to different places to attend to your clients. If you are working from home then confirm when you will be joining the office. Many big companies are now following the Hybrid model that lets you work from home on certain days. Ask them for their long-term plans, whether you will be transferred to different locations or branches shortly.

Salary, perks, and benefits

Ask for the offer letter and see if the salary mentioned in it is the same that was offered to you. If you are satisfied only then sign the contract else you can negotiate a bit with the employer. Ask about the bonuses and whether you will get paid for working extra time. You need to check for the benefits given by the company such as an enhanced pension, house, car, health insurance, and any other commissions. Check if any target-based bonuses will surely help you to set goals in your work-life. Panorama India Consultancy is well known for its commitment towards job applicants when it comes to Packages that are offered by the company along with strict increment provisions. Hence such a level of involvement makes it the Best Job Consultancy in Haldwani and one of the best in Uttarakhand.

Working Hours

It is very important to know about the working hours. Never agree to long working hours if you are not comfortable with it. Ask the employers for their office timings or the weekly hours you will have to put into. Check the office schedule and see if you will be working on weekends and evenings or not, and if so, for how many hours? Ask them about the possibility of flexible working hours if that is the only way you can manage your work. Also, ask them if you will be doing overtime and if you will get paid for it or not. 


It’s never easy to take holidays of your preference. So, if you have doubts about any holidays, you should make it clear beforehand. Ask about the list of fixed and flexible holidays. Check with them whether you will be getting holidays at important festivals or not. You should ask them about their holiday year when it starts and ends. This will give an idea about the list of holidays you are left within this year. Also see, whether there is an allowance to roll over any untaken holiday into the following year. 


Confirm your notice period with your employer. A notice period should not be too long or too short. In general, a notice period in an office varies from one to three months. Therefore, it should not be longer than 3 months or shorter than 1 month. If the notice period is longer than 3 months you will have difficulty in finding a new job. If the notice period is shorter than 1 month you won’t have enough time to find a new job and that might make your life unstable.  

Conclusion – We at Panorama India Consultancy are one of the best job consultancies in Haldwani that has trained many students for walk-in interviews in Haldwani and other nearby places. A fresher graduating after college usually faces difficulties while communicating to their employers and they always forget to ask these important questions. So, if you have landed a new job then these are some of the points that should be kept in mind before signing a job contract. These 6 Things Before Signing a Job contract mentioned above are certainly going to help you once you bring them to practice in your everyday life.