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6 Ways to Get a Job in Gaming Industries

The gaming industry is so huge that it is even bigger than Hollywood and makes more than 60 billion dollars a year. Still, to enter this profession is a big task as you need certain skills to make a mark here and it might take many years before you get a job in the gaming sector. There are many technicalities that you need to overcome before applying for a job in this industry. While people are going crazy about video games, gaming companies are growing and increasing at a very fast rate. The sector has emerged rapidly as one of the sectors with a huge scope of employment for Programmers and Graphic designers. Panorama India Consultancy guides its followers by proper counseling and by suggesting various channels to travel smoothly through your success path and this entitles us to be tagged as the best job placement agencies in Haldwani. Panorama India Consultancy has done extensive research on the different Ways to Get Jobs in Gaming Industries.

The gaming industry is growing rapidly and so are the job opportunities in this field. We at Panorama India Consultancy, Haldwani prepare students for various career opportunities in various fields. We are one of the best job placement agencies in Haldwani, Uttarakhand. Panorama India Consultancy, Haldwani offers various training programs to students looking for jobs in Haldwani.

In the following article, we will share with you some basic tips and tricks that you need to keep in mind before joining the profession of gaming. Below are the ‘6 Ways to Get a Job in Gaming Industries’.

Make Your Portfolio

Making your portfolio always helps no matter which job you are applying for. The same applies here especially if you are a designer, you will have to showcase your work samples. If you don’t have one you need to build a portfolio soon. Showcase the best works in your portfolio that you think are of most importance. Make sure you only include your work samples and not of anyone else’s. You should know about all the projects in detail and be ready with answers whenever your interviewers ask you.

Build Connections

To make connections, build your contacts with the people related to the gaming industry. Go to gaming conferences that will help you gain knowledge and also it will help you in building your contacts. From small to big gaming companies all are present there and you never know when someone strikes you and offers you a well-paid job in this industry. It is one of the very easy ways to get a job. Although the entries might not be free still it is worth giving it a shot.

Enroll In Internships

If you are a newbie and have no experience in this industry then the first thing you should do before applying for a job is to apply for internships. Internships help you get the idea of the industry and also you get to know about the work you will be doing. You will get an idea of which field you want to enter. But before applying for internships you need to have a basic knowledge of the job profile. So, before applying do some research about the gaming field and know your interests.

Be ready to relocate

Game companies are not easy to find and most probably you won’t be able to find a job in your preferred location. So, you need to step out of your comfort zone. You will find many gaming companies in foreign countries that have become gaming hubs. You might find it a little expensive as you won’t get paid a lot at the start, but in the long run, you will be the only one to benefit from it.

Update your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very important tool that is useful for finding and posting jobs. You will find every company on this platform. You can easily see the job postings in and around your area. The best part about LinkedIn is that it will always notify you whenever there is a job posting that is related to your profile. LinkedIn is also good for building connections with other people having the same profile. You will find all the small and big company profiles present here and you can stay updated with their posts that will give you insights into the company.

Stay Updated 

As the gaming industry is constantly growing you need to always be updated with the latest trends. Spend a lot of time in research and development to follow and know about the industry. Take out 1 hour time from your schedule each day to read about the latest news and updates. Follow the popular gaming brands and know about what they are offering and what are their work styles.


So, these are the ‘6 Ways to Get a Job in Gaming Industries’ that we at PIC, Haldwani think is important if you are planning to make a career in this field. We at Panorama India Consultancy, Haldwani have helped many students choose their right career path. So, if you are looking for consultation regarding your career, we are one of the best job placement agencies in Haldwani. You can head on to our website to know more about us.