8 sings your interviewer is not going to hire you

8 Signs Your Interviewer Is Not Going To Hire You.

We all have gone through that awkward silence in those interviews where we didn’t get hired and still figuring out what went wrong even when we gave our best and thought it was the best interview.

Isn’t it a little bit embarrassing when our first impression isn’t that great in front of the interviewer for whatever reason?

We might think that we did our best but somewhere we failed to be the best one’s in our recruiter’s eye.

It doesn’t mean that we are not doing our best it’s just the signs we need to get acknowledged with during our interviews.

I remember once one of my friends told me about his experience with his interview, how it went so well and perfect and he was expecting a call from them. But unfortunately, it never happened and was just figuring out where it went wrong.

 So here I m going to tell you few signs of the interviewer that he is not going to hire you. 

1. The interviewer doesn’t seem interested in you –

 If the conversation is not going pretty well you might not get selected in the interview as the other candidate must be selected and they are just going through the process by taking your interview.

If the interviewer doesn’t ask you questions back to back then you can definitely figure out it is a big no-no for you.

2. Doesn’t try to pitch you for the company- 

Recruiters like to hire people for the team and if the interviewer seems to be interested he would definitely try to tell you about the companies benefits and motives to make some excitement in you about the company.

And if they didn’t seem to be interested in you so it’s obvious they are not willing to give you the role.

3. Salary expectations not asked.

 Most of the times when the interviewer asked about your salary expectations so it’s 85% sure that they want to hire you in their company.

So if your interview went without asking you about your salary expectations so you know that this is not going anywhere towards hiring.

4. Short and simple interview

 If your interview lasted for few minutes so you might know the red flags are on. Interviews almost end up in 25-30 minutes and it covers up all the types of question required for the job. If the interviewer doesn’t ask you challenging questions you are not likely to be considered for the job.

5. You are not asked about when you will be able to start

Bosses recruit individuals since they have work that requirements doing.

They need to know when they can have the extra assistance coming in, and they’ll have to get everything set up for the recently added team member.

On the off chance that they show no interest in when you’re allowed to start working for them, it can demonstrate that it’s an issue.

6. The meeting closes with no notice of the following stages. 

At the point when things work out in a good way, your new employee screening will end with a concise conversation of what the subsequent stages are.

The business will inform you as to whether there are any work tests they need or a subsequent meeting with more individuals at the organization.

In any event, they should give you a good guess of when they hope to settle on an employing choice. 

In the event that you leave the meeting hearing, “Hello, much obliged for coming in. Good luck with your pursuit of employment” rather than examining what comes next in the recruiting cycle, you’re out.

7. The questioner offers some amicable professional guidance.

 Now and then a decent motion can be the kiss of death.

So if the business compassionately calls attention to certain things you could do to be more equipped for the kind of occupations that you’re applying for, it by and large implies that they don’t believe you’re there yet.

8. They don’t request references. 

In the event that there is no subsequent meeting required, the last advance in the worker screening is for the most part to check your references.

On the off chance that the interviewer doesn’t plan a future arrangement or show any interest in getting a rundown of references from you, your nomination likely finishes there.


You don’t need to panic or feel bad if any of this happens to you try to be positive, keep your calm, try to ask questions to the interviewer, makes it end on a thank you note and change the tactics so they would show some interest in you.