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How to Choose a Career that You Will Love?

choose a career that you will love

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Well, many of you often have questions and are confused about choosing your career. We often have dreams about what we want to become in the future. But sometimes we are wrong and have no idea what job should we really take up. So, what do people do differently while choosing a career? To be honest – Nothing Exceptional at all! It is the same with most college graduates. They pass out from college, find a job that fits their resume, and make their way up by gaining opportunities from random jobs. This generates frustration and most people are not happy with their choices and lifestyle. But, you don’t have to worry! There is always a way, no matter how big the problem is. So, it is possible to choose a career that you will love and live a satisfying life. You can do that by narrowing down the potential interests you have.

We at Panorama India Consultancy, Haldwani will help you out in choosing the right career path and making your dream job a reality. PIC, Haldwani is one of the best Career Counselling consultancies and today we present tips on How to Choose a Career that You’ll Love.

Let us look at some of the tips on finding a career you love –

1. Understand yourself and your personality

The first thing that you need to do is to assess yourself and your personality. You need to find out the list of things that motivates you. Some who find it difficult can look up to their parents and friends and ask them to help you out. They might have noticed some skills in you that you yourself are not quite sure of. The main thing is to know about when and where you feel more focused and energetic? Once you understand this you can figure out in which direction you need to point your energy. 

You might have some soft skills like communication skills which can land you in a variety of jobs. Some jobs have certain specifications in regards to academic skill sets. Here you will need to have a proper course or a degree in related subjects. You need to be self-aware and look at both of your positive and negative qualities. Once you analyse yourself, work on your weaknesses and dislikes.

2. Make a list of potential careers to explore

Once you know what you are good at, you need to make a list of all the possible careers options that fits your skill set. Then comes the most difficult step – Choosing the one out of the rest that you will be doing for the most part of your life. There can be many questions on your mind such as – “What if I decide on doing some job but after some time i want to do something else?”, What if i have many hobbies and i cant decide where to focus?”

Don’t let these questions demotivate you. We will suggest you to note down every career opportunity that you can think about. Any field you want to explore just write it down.

3. Research your top choices

So, you have researched about the various job titles you are looking for. Now you have to do a deep research of those job titles. This step will make you more clear regarding the best options for you and you will get to understand what the job profiles would be. You need to remember that you dont have know about all the details for now. Just learn about about what your role will be and whether the role is right for you or not.

For example – If you want be a doctor, then first know what a doctor does. They see how many types of doctors are there according to specifications.Then see what are the opportunities and what are the job options.

Once you ask these questions to yourself then you will know which options to eliminate and you will be able to choose a career that you will love.

4. Conduct informational interviews

This is the last step that will finally help you decide a career that you will love. What is an Informal Interview? It is just an informal talk you have with a person who is experienced in a certain field. We are very sure you must have heard about informal interviews but there are not many You may have heard about informational interviews before, but few people actually take this critical step.

One thing you should remember is that people actually want to meet with smart people who are curious in the same things. That means you, if you send a great email, have insightful questions, then you are all set for an informal interview.


Finding your dream job just by dreaming is not possible. But you can find one if you do everything in a systamiatic way. We have also seen many students find it difficult to get a job of their choice. This is where Panorama India Consultancy steps in to help the students find their way.

So, if you are facing any difficulties then let us help you to guide your career on the right path. For more information and interesting blog posts you can head to our website.