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How to strategically plan for your Start-up

An organization that is growing and is hoping to sustain needs a set of strategies to guide its growth program, build a strong financial foundation, and prepare for the challenges ahead. To say, in other words, it needs a strategic plan. Simply put, a strategic plan is a vision of your organization’s future and the fundamental steps needed to achieve that future. A good plan should include goals and vision, desired outcomes, figures to measure your progress, and budget. We are a leading consultancy in Haldwani guiding a way through all problems that a client faces while taking important decisions in Business & Career. Moreover “How to strategically plan for your Startup” is among one of the most searched business queries over the internet.

Always know that the ultimate goal of the strategic planning process is to form a plan for your Business. However, the value of execution often lies in the process itself. Strategic planning provides an opportunity for organizational stakeholders to learn more about the organization, share their perceptions of its strengths and weaknesses, and discuss important issues affecting or likely to affect the organization in the future. This process should be designed to make decisions made by consensus. 

We at Panorama India Consultancy, Haldwani, have come up with How to strategically plan for your Startup. We are the best business and job placement consultancy in Haldwani, and our team of experts has trained and guided many to start a successful business in Haldwani. So, without further ado, let’s first know about the difference between strategic and Business plans.

Difference Between Strategic Plans and Business Plans

Although it is a type of business plan, strategic plans still have many dissimilarities. At the same time, a start-up business plan is a written plan of a business model that details all aspects of the Business and is usually created in the early days of the Business. In contrast, a strategic plan is primarily used to ensure the strategic direction of an existing organization. These plans are usually created in more established companies. The larger the Business, the more serious the need for strategic plans.

Components of Strategic Planning


It is the vision of a company that tells what you will achieve in the future. It is the motivating factor for your Business. You should always ask key questions to yourself that will help you create your vision for your start-up – Who is the customer? What Business are you in? How do you want to grow? What is your Competitive Advantage?


The company’s values are simply the beliefs and principles of the company that it promotes through its work and services. The main guiding principle should be that the values never change, no matter at what height the company has reached. A core value statement should be planned from before, which can be useful for planning your start-up.

Mission Statement-

Businesses should take the mission statement seriously as it states the underlying incentive for firms to do business. It creates a base to form a strategic plan, although the mission statement cannot be completely said to be a part of strategic planning. A Mission statement projects a goal for the future, which makes it different from the company’s vision. You need to set up your own mission statement that helps you to strategically plan for your startup.


Goals are the outcomes of the effort you have put into your company. The goals should be very specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. So, to increase your sales drastically, you should always talk in figures, like say you want to increase your sales by 25% in the next 12 months. In addition, you should create other divisions like short, mid, and long-term plans.


Each venture has some process and qualities that they specialize in. These special activities of the firm are called its core competencies. So, by considering this step, you can achieve the goals by making a plan to start with. For maximum effectiveness, a start-up should do an honest assessment of its capabilities and skills.


Finally, evaluation is the last step of strategic planning, where you evaluate all the steps and methods taken to accomplish those goals. You can use performance indicators like KPIs that can evaluate an organization’s success or any particular activity in which it engages. This step ends with the evaluations leading to creating new goals for the venture, and thus, the cycle continues.

Conclusion –

Strategic Planning is very important, and it will play a crucial role in building your organization. By keeping in mind and planning the components, you can see your company’s growth in the right way. A start-up should have a proper business plan and a great strategic plan. If you plan to start a successful business in Haldwani or anywhere in Uttarakhand, Panorama India Consultancy is the best business management consultancy in Haldwani, Rudrapur, surrounding regions and has offered its services to many growing and flourishing businesses. To know more about us and our other services like staffing, recruitment, and job consultancy in Haldwani, you can visit our website.