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A Guide on How to Make Career Decisions in 2021

Money is one of the most significant motivators for selecting a career.

Most of the high paying jobs in the country are in information technology, healthcare, the data industry, BFSI and marketing.

The salary range is between 7-15 lakhs per annum, with the high-end salaries ranging between 20-40 lakhs per annum. Jobs such as machine learning and data science have replaced some traditional, high paying jobs.

Salaries are dependent on the employee’s training, knowledge and experience. Also, the pay package is not the only defining factor for a great job. Job security, reputation and career growth make a career option desirable.

We’re aware that some of our readers are not college graduates yet. They might’ve just finished their online classes for 10th standard. It’s possible that they feel very confused and uncertain about selecting a stream in 10+2 and a future career path.

We’d like to shed some light on this subject, to help steer you in an appropriate direction, so that making choices is like a cakewalk for you.

Let’s dive in!

How to choose a stream for 10 + 2?

Jot down your interests, strengths, weaknesses and dream jobs

If you’re weak in certain subjects like Maths or Physics, consider subject combinations and careers which aren’t heavily reliant on these subjects’ concepts

Don’t choose a subject/ s only because it’s lucrative and all of your close friends have chosen it

Consult a career counsellor and do a psychometric assessment to determine your strengths, weaknesses, interests, aptitude and personality

Attend educational fairs and career guidance seminars

Research the scope of science, commerce and arts- the skills and responsibilities for jobs, opportunities for growth or working abroad and the pay scale

If there’s a college course you’d like to pursue, like a B.A in Korean, find out if you must have an existing knowledge of the language

If you’d like to do a course like Biotechnology or architecture, verify the subject combinations you must have in 10+2

In case you still feel confused and indecisive, you could opt for science if you’re relatively good at it, and wish to keep your options open.

After reading the above paragraphs, you might be thinking, “Which jobs have the highest demand in 2021 and beyond? Knowing this could help me make an informed choice.”

So the top 10 professions in India which have many prospects for growth, higher pay and work opportunities in other countries are:

Medicine (surgeons and doctors)

Data science

Machine learning

Blockchain development

Full stack software development

Product management

Management consultancy

Investment banking

Chartered accountancy

Marketing management

The next few questions which may pop up in your mind are, “Will working from home become the new normal because of the pandemic?

How do I keep track of emerging trends and careers related to my field to stay up-to-date and relevant as an employee?”

Working conditions:

Companies will most likely opt for a hybrid model i.e. working a few days at home and in the office.

Although working from home has major benefits such as flexibility and not spending time in traffic on your daily commute, it does have its downsides as well.

Employees who live in small apartments in big cities might find it unfeasible to have an exclusive work station and be productive while sharing cramped accommodation with their parents and young children.

There is also the possibility that they might have to work longer hours, resulting in high stress levels.

Additionally, people feel a sense of connection when they’re able to stop by their colleagues’ desks to ask a question, chat or just hang out together during a tea break. It can be very isolating to be cut off from other colleagues and feel that lack of human interaction.

Zoom is definitely a beneficial videoconferencing application, but multiple Zoom calls genuinely cause a kind of tiredness, termed ‘Zoom fatigue.’

Furthermore, it can be much easier to make decisions quickly during in-person meetings.

Besides, if you’re in the early stages of your career and have limited expertise, it would be incredibly advantageous for you to learn from your superiors, through observation and their guidance.

Emerging trends and careers:

Knowing the latest trends, advancements and emerging careers related to your field is absolutely essential.

You can do this by:

Subscribing to magazines, blogs and journals

Checking out online discussion boards and forums on certain industries and topics

Listening to podcasts

Attending workshops, conferences and industry events

Following industry leaders and experts on Instagram and Twitter to know their opinions and the latest news.

We hope that reading this blog post gave you adequate clarity and we wish the very best for you in your professional endeavours!