Panorama India Consultancy


Panorama India Consultancy offers a wide range of Business Management, Staffing & Recruitment, and Training services. Our team of highly talented individuals ensures best in class delivery of our services to reach the maximum level of Client Satisfaction.

Staffing & Recruitment

As it said, “People may come, people may go, but the company goes on forever.” 

Staffing & Recruitment refers to the process of identifying, attracting, interviewing, selecting, hiring, and onboarding employees. Recruiting the right kind of talent is one of the most challenging tasks. It in itself needs efficient people to choose the best. We have a team ready to take up your recruiting process, which eventually helps you focus on your crucial decisions and increase your productivity. The entire process is systematic and is operational with result-oriented guidelines. Every requirement is contented by recruiting the most competent and proficient workforce, which can be an asset to the company.

Business Management

The experience of our team develops a business plan on your behalf, which covers all the points related to executives, project reports, and the projected financials of the company. The entire DPR is derived from an exhaustive and in-depth analysis of the industry, competition, and market. This leads to develop the SWOT analysis for the brand and create a backup strategy for the anticipated risk areas in the long run.

The smoothness of the DPR is not enough to get down the investors. We have the competence to align you with potential investors with a robust pitch deck for the investors. Also, we have the exit strategy ready that ensures the investors with insurance of their investment.

Moving ahead, we cultivate the perfect launch campaign for your brand, followed by aligning all the brand placement themes and channels. Placing your product in the market with a boom and making it known to the people brings us to the completion of our contract. 


“We not only train people, but we also prepare them for the most demanding skills of today.”

Panorama India Consultancy believes in developing their  candidates with the skills of upcoming needs . Today, employers don’t look for theoretical knowledge; they focus the most on an individual’s core competencies, such as Time Management skills, Interpersonal Skills, Decision Making, Emotional Intelligence, Personality and Presentation, and many more. We believe in fostering and developing such skills in our candidates, which can help them in their career’s rapid growth.